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AXA PPP Health Insurance

AXA is a collective of independently owned and operated insurers united under a common goal. As a medical insurer, AXA is able to offer you their Health Select private medical plan, which provides emergency inpatient at its core with a range of add-ons to help you build a medical insurance policy that you can feel confident in.

  • Cover for essential emergency and inpatient treatments at any private hospital in the UK.

  • Access to AXA’s network of over 24,000 trained medical consultants and practitioners.

  • 24-hour phone service for medical advice, consultation, and support.

  • Health Select offers 65% in reduced premiums for a year for individuals who have not made a claim in their previous policy year.

  • Limited out-patient services for diagnostic and testing, as well as radiology and cancer care.

  • Optional mental health cover.

  • Cashback for Dental and Optic plans.

Our experts work with leading insurers to help individuals and families across the UK find private medical insurance that’s right for them. These licensed experts will offer quotes and help you select a plan that meets your needs. Apply for a no obligation quote to get started.

Why Private Medical Insurance?

  • Avoid NHS waiting time and get treated promptly.

  • Fast access to top specialists as well as cutting edge treatments.

  • Choose your care: including best hospitals and physicians.

  • Coverage of diagnostic tests, treatments and aftercare.

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