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Income Protection Insurance

How could you pay the bills if you were sick, injured, or lost your job?

Thousands of workers in the UK have to take time away from their jobs every year to take care of their health. Loss of income is a real risk to families, allowing debt to accumulate and bills to go unpaid. Not everyone has the privilege of saving enough to support the family while they recover. For the rest of us, income protection is the safest and most reliable way to ensure that time off work won't put your finances in jeopardy.

Income Protection insurance pays you a portion of your current income in the event you become ill or are injured due to an accident through no fault of your own. Some plans may also qualify you for income replacement in the event you lose your job under other circumstances.

How can Income Protection Insurance secure your income?

  • Cover for up to 50% of your monthly income;

  • Cover may begin as early as 1 day after being rendered unable to work;

  • Benefits may be payable for up to 60 months;

  • Plans are available for full-time, part-time, and self-employed workers;

  • Your cover stays in force, even if you change jobs in the future.

Our experts work with leading insurers across the UK to help individuals and workers protect their income and find solutions that are right for them. These licensed experts will browse quotes for Income Protection insurance on your behalf and help you choose the plan that meets your needs. Apply for a no-obligation quote to get started.

Why Income Protection Insurance?

  • Receive monthly benefits when you cannot work.

  • Choice of exclusion periods that help keep the cost of insurance low.

  • Optional unemployment protection should you lose your job.

  • Full protection no matter your manner or means of work.

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