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Individual Health Insurance

When you need specialized health care, individually owned medical insurance is the best tool available to ensure that you get the best care possible.

Private Medical Insurance cover provides for your medical costs when you seek health care from private hospitals across the UK. When injury or illness can strike at any time, the right plan can ensure you’ll receive prompt and efficient care, with reduced wait times – so you can focus on getting better.

How Can Individual Medical Insurance Help You?

  • Get access to care when you need it, helping you avoid lengthy wait times and deferrals that could jeopardize your care.

  • Find the freedom to choose from a range of private hospitals and the best private doctors in the UK.

  • Get access to the newest treatments and medical techniques, which may not be available under the NHS.

  • Benefit from private rooms, rehabilitation programs, medical consultations, and post-recovery care – anywhere in the UK.

Our experts work with leading insurers to help individuals and families across the UK find private medical insurance that’s right for them. These licensed experts will offer quotes and help you select a plan that meets your needs. Apply for a no obligation quote to get started.

Why Private Medical Insurance?

  • Avoid NHS waiting time and get treated promptly.

  • Fast access to top specialists as well as cutting edge treatments.

  • Choose your care: including best hospitals and physicians.

  • Coverage of diagnostic tests, treatments and aftercare.

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