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WPA Health Insurance

The Western Provident Association has over a century of experience helping individuals and families get cover for private medical care, and allows you a great deal of flexibility in creating a medical cover plan that is affordable and addresses your health needs.

In addition to its flexibility, WPA offers a 25% discount on all premiums for the first year of your medical cover, a 15% discount on all premiums for your second year of ownership, and 5% during your third year.

WPA Flexible Health

With three levels of cover to choose from, this medical insurance plan is ideal for individuals and families who want the assurance of private medical care with an affordable price. You’ll have the freedom to choose the hospital that’s right for you, and choose the level of care you receive every step of the way. Optional cancer cover available.

WPA XS Student Medical Insurance

A medical plan ideal for students studying anywhere in the UK. This medical insurance plan offers up to £150,000 in cover for hospital and specialist care, with choice of any private hospital in the UK. This plan also offers a unique “rolling excess” of up to £1,500 that translates to additional coverage should your excess limit be reached.

WPA Active Health Seniors Medical Insurance

For seniors aged 55 or older, this medical cover plan can provide up to £150,000 in benefits towards private medical care. This insurance plan also offers the option of high excesses – either £3,000 or £5,000, which may provide you with up to 65% in reduced premiums.

Our experts work with leading insurers to help individuals and families across the UK find private medical insurance that’s right for them. These licensed experts will offer quotes and help you select a plan that meets your needs. Apply for a no obligation quote to get started.

Why Private Medical Insurance?

  • Avoid NHS waiting time and get treated promptly.

  • Fast access to top specialists as well as cutting edge treatments.

  • Choose your care: including best hospitals and physicians.

  • Coverage of diagnostic tests, treatments and aftercare.

Why Choose Us?

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